Holy Week Mural: First Baptist Church

Behold, I am doing a new thing - Isaiah 43:19

Each generation receives the word of God from parents and teachers and will take from that story what is relevant to their own experience. The expression of that relationship between God and human is neither new nor not new. The truth of that enduring evolving relationship lies somewhere in the middle. Depictions of the events of Holy Week have been painted for centuries. Indeed this mural is “nothing new under the sun.” Yet this mural is “doing a new thing” with its own style that is grounded in this time and this place. The vast diversity of Christian art points to the notion that God speaks to people of faith throughout the ages. In the hope that God is still speaking, this “new thing” will be the latest interpretation of God’s story. May it point to God’s glory.

There is nothing new under the sun - Ecclesiastes 1:9

Works by Doug E. L. Haynes