Project Summary

In Spring of 2014, Hyunji Haynes suggested to her father Doug that they create a mural for First Baptist Church. For Doug who grew up in the church, the mural was an opportunity to pay forward all that he had received from the church. The mural was also a chance for Hyunji and Doug to do a father daughter project. A sketch of the initial idea quickly took shape on the back of a bulletin. The initial sketch has a composition quite similar to the final mural. The process of mural making required intricate measuring, prototyping, sawing, painting, and gluing. In the end the work stretched over a period of a year and a half. While the majority of the work was done by Doug and Hyunji, it was the product of many hands collaborating. By October of 2015 as the painting was near completion. Doug invited attendees of the Wisconsin Baptist annual gathering to prayerfully add paint to the border pieces. The mural was installed with lots of help from friends and family over a long Thanksgiving weekend and was dedicated on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Works by Doug E. L. Haynes